About Us

About Us

"Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm."
(Benjamin Disraeli)


TechFront has a passion for creation. From the innception of a project until the full-featured game is complete, there is a highly committed focus on quality, originality and fun. These production values are part of a process developed to keep all our professionals and players motivated all the time and the level of enthusiasm at the top, constantly challenging conventions.

Originally founded in 2006 to focus on the development of casual games for all platforms, TechFront has since been the most prolific of all Brazilian game development studios, with over 34 commercial titles released. After focusing on the social network gaming market over the last two years, many of the original founders who made TechFront the largest Brazilian game development studio reassembled the company in Florianopolis, state of Santa Catarina (a technology hotbed in Brazil) to refocus the company on mobile, console and online platforms. TechFront’s focus is still on high-quality game production for the Brazilian and global markets. The company has also expanded with a new division offering gamification services to the corporate and educational markets.

Among our strengths is our extensive experience with Flash technology for portability and flexibility, the Unity engine and previous experience on many console platforms such as Nintendo DS, Wii, PS2 and Xbox 360 development. We also have experience in developing 3D engines and 3D art, a full-featured 3D MMORPG and two major social networking games on Facebook. Our focus is on small teams with highly experienced lead individuals to achieve maximum productivity per title we develop.

The adoption of international standards in programming, art and production management processes helped create a clear vision for the company, guided primarily by high-quality production values and the constant desire to create great entertaining games.

TechFront is continually improving its solid and quick development processes with modern hardware infrastructure & software tools that have allowed the company to grow quickly & flexibly over the last years.

As part of the larger IKTD media holding company and with stronger access to resources, TechFront is now positioned to once again take Brazilian game production standards to a new level.


Published Titles

Since being founded, TechFront has released 34 very successful titles:  

Amazon Alive – Facebook (Quepasa Games / WWF Brazil; 04/2012)
Wonderful City Rio – Orkut/Facebook (Mentez; 06/2011)
Blood Oath – PC/Mac (Merscom; 12/2010)
Flower Shop Big City Break – iPhone (TikGames; 10/2010)
Mimi’s Party Fun – Nintendo DS (Destineer; 09/2010)
Lilly Wu and the Terra Cotta Mystery – PC/Mac (Gamehouse; 05/2010)
Babe Rescue – Web (SPIL Games; 03/2010)
Festival Fever – Web (SPIL Games; 12/2009)
The Dracula Files - PC/Web (eGames; 10/2009)
My Wonderful Farm – Web (SPIL Games; 09/2009)
Beauty Resort 2 – Web (SPIL Games; 08/2009)
Leaving the Country - Web (SPIL Games; 07/2009)
Create-a-Mall - PC/Web (Merscom, 06/2009)
Puzzle City: Special Edition - Nintendo DS (Destineer; 05/2009)
Rock the Hall - Web (SPIL Games; 06/2009)
Cocktail Girl - Web (SPIL Games; 05/2009)
Burger Island - Nintendo Wii (Destineer; 05/2009)
Burger Island: Burger Bash - iPhone (eGames; 04/2009)
Pascoa Garoto - Web (TradeFUN/Nestlé-Garoto Chocolates; 04/2009)
Puzzle City - Nintendo DS (Rondomedia; 01/2009)
Honda Fit: Pense seu Caminho - iPhone (TradeFUN/Honda of Brasil; 12/2008)
Burger Island 2 - PC/Mac/Web (eGames; 12/2008)
Burger Island - Nintendo DS (Destineer, 12/2008)
Satisfashion - PC/Web (eGames/Big Fish Games; 11/2008)
Pakoombo - PC/Mac/Web (Techfront/Real Games; 10/2008)
Potato President 08 - Web (SPIL Games; 10/2008)
Beauty Resort - Web (SPIL Games; 07/2008)
The Three Stooges - PC/Mac/Web (eGames/Big Fish Games; 06/2008)
Eye for Design - PC/Web (Sandlot Games; 05/2008)
Purrfect Pet Shop - PC/Web (eGames; 01/2008)
Puzzle City - PC/Web (eGames; 10/2007)
Rubik’s Cube Challenge - PC/Mac/Web (eGames; 09/2007)
Burger Island (* Award Winning) - PC/Web/Mac (eGames/Sandlot Games; 05/2007)
Defender of the Crown: Heroes Live Forever - PC/Web (Cinemaware; 03/2007)
All our games have been distributed and published through major game portals such as Yahoo! Games, BigFish Games, Real Arcade, Oberon, Sandlot, eGames, AOL, Game House, Game Fools, Game Fiesta, Spil Games/Spill Group portals (such as gamesgames.com and ojogos.com.br), social networks like Facebook as well as traditional retail publishers such as Destineer and eGames.

We successfully expanded from creating games for PC & the web to delivering simultaneous multiplatform releases on Mac, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Xbox Live Arcade.


TechFront supports the following platforms:



TechFront’s Formula for Success :

TechFront works cooperatively with its partners. All our development projects have weekly iterations with customers - even along the cycle of production/coding of the product. In other words, every week TechFront provides a new version of the product and our client is therefore able to evaluate the product's progression and/or align the direction of the development to ensure full compliance with product needs and the natural, dynamic changes that are part of the videogame business.

In addition, starting in the early concept phase, TechFront prototypes each product as a way to minimize risks and to properly deal with usability issues when evaluating interfaces. Adobe Flash is used as the main prototyping tool for iterative design and formative evaluation, and the experience we have accumulated with this technology allows us to support a rapid prototyping process.

TechFront’s background in the casual games market has generated a portfolio of several successful games in a short amount of time, as we always aim working with small teams made up of highly experienced and motivated individuals. Skilled and organized project management and personnel interactivity are the main keys to achieving maximum productivity at the highest quality within our studio.




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